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Photographer and film maker Matt Murtagh has made this brilliant animated journey from Moseley to Birmingham City Centre using frames from the newly launched and rather brilliant (if spooky) Google Street View.

StreetViewBrum from Matt Murtagh on Vimeo.

Matt’s site is well worth a browse too – plenty of brilliant photography – and even includes a snap of my Dad with his cohorts The Destroyers rocking Moseley Folk Festival last summer. :)

– spotted on Created in Brimingham

March 31, 2009   1 Comment


Previously I blogged about this brilliant large scale painting – today Matt sent me the link to the lovely film he made of Lucy creating her gallery piece at Walsall New Art Gallery at the end of last year.

Beat13 / Lucy McLauchlan “Tacit” from Beat13 on Vimeo.

The film previewed at the brilliant Flatpack festival earlier this month on the big screen and now it’s on Vimeo for all to enjoy…

Also turn up the speakers cause the soundtracks ace!!

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come by, come by!!

Found via Swiss Miss, this is very funny clip of a rather ambitious piece of live art…

Using skilled shepherds and their dogs, sheep of different colour are herded to make huge images and even a live hillside version of the atari classic – pong…


March 19, 2009   No Comments

The Crisis of Credit

If you listen to the news about the ‘global economic downturn’ – lets face it there is plenty of news about it! – it raises many questions about how it all began…

This animation by Jonathan Jarvis, attempts the short and simple story of the current ‘crisis‘. Using simple universal graphic symbols he’s created a really informative and good looking short film that gives an overview on what started the financial wobble in the US at least.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Definitely worth a look.

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Pull up your Keyboard…

and lets make some freakin Electro Boogie…

I like this Drum Set from Director Ron Winter.

Turn it up!!

NB: Each sample loops when the key is held down…

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