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Block 9

My friend Steve is half of the London based duo called Block 9. Together with Gideon, he is the creative, production and logistical brains behind the jaw dropping venues ‘The NYC Downlow” and ‘The London Underground’.

2010 saw them take on a whole field at Glastonbury festival for the first time and create the most ambitious and best realised sets on the whole festival site.

Block9 Glastonbury 2010 from HAM on Vimeo.

Having helped with a few bits of graphics (the gnarly billboard included), I was lucky enough to go along to the sun drenched Glastonbury 2010 and see their creation in the flesh.

The disbelief on the faces of festival-goers as they entered the field to find not only a derelict 70’s New York side street, but also a ‘life size’ six story towerblock with a tube train crashed through the fourth floor was a total treat.

Bravo Steve and Gideon for your ambition, vision and attention to detail – and of course the team of hardcore grafting creatives that helped to pull off these amazing structures.

Roll on June!

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Beautifully shot short film from Oakland California. Scrapertown a mini movement keeping young ones out of of mischief based around decorating their bicycles.

Scrapertown from California is a place. on Vimeo.

” In order to become a member of the Original Scraper Bike Team, you must: Be a resident of Oakland, CA. Be at least 7y/o or older. Retain A 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA), Create your own Scraper Bike…(It Has To Be Amazing, Or Else You Can’t Ride.) A single-file line when riding. After 10 rides The Scraper Bike King and his Captains will decide if your bike is up to standards and if you can follow simple guidelines. After your evaluation we will consider you a member and honor you with an Original Scraper Bike Team Shirt.”

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I love this…

My talented friend and bandmate Lawrence (Log) Roper has just created this odd beauty.

Created for the Decked project by combining two of his passions skateboarding and music into a bespoke and playable Skuitar.

Bonkers brilliant!! I look forward to having a shred! ;)

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Blu! The master is back…

The amazing Italian artist Blu has a new animated painting online. If you’ve seen his work before you know the scale is often large but in this film it’s HUGE!

Stunning work as always.

Bravo! :)

If you like this you’ll probably enjoy his book published by the lovely folk at Studio Cromie- which you can purchase here.

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Not my type

Next Thursday, whilst people all over the country are going out of their way to put an X on a ballot paper, in Birmingham, 35 talented designers and illustrators will be showing their take on all 26 letters of the alphabet (and a few additional symbols!).

Organised by Jonny Costello and Charlotte Audrey Owen-Meehan and hosted by the wonderful (temporary?) Created in Birmingham shop in the Bullring, Not my type opens on May 6th. All prints will be available to buy from both the store and through the Facebook group here, although the designs are going to be kept secret until the day of the opening.

The roster of people involved is looking great. I’m doing the letter B and am really excited about seeing the finished alphabet.

Plenty of my talented friends in the line up:

John Bennett

Ben Javens

Lee Basford

Stef Grindley

Log Roper

Jonny Costello

There will also be letters from Family, Jon Burgerman and Supercool to name but a few.

Should be awesome. I’ll post pics after the show launches.

If you’re around and want to come to the opening its May 6th at the Created in Birmingham shop, Bullring, Birmingham. 6pm -8pm.

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Come to our house for a bit…

err… you’ve gotta go now… sorry!

This collection of photos of discarded Christmas trees is brilliant.

The whole collection is over at Less Bling Bling, which states the idea as ‘Beautiful in the living room. Glorious in the street.’

Glorious indeed! Happy New Year everyone…

(via Build)

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Greetings of the Season.

Well, I’ve been fairly sparse with posts of late, for a variety of reasons, but I thought it’d be good to at least wish everyone who reads my blog a Very Happy Christmas and of course a Great New Year 2010.

When I was younger one my friends who had a finely tuned and often surreal sense of humour would often baffle people by answering almost any question with the answer… Twenty Ten…  :) So, as a result, in my mind and the mind of many of his other old friends, the coming year will be and was always going to be his.

Mr Pepper, I salute you !!  ;)

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Prefab Tom…

Chris (Prime Objective) Keenan has had his photo ‘Prefab Tom’ selected for an international exhibition called Portraits at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado USA.

It’s not the first time Chris has shown in the USA, but what adds to this is the fact that the exhibition was juried by the respected and influential photographer Mary Ellen Mark.

Respect from the respected if you know what I mean…

Good work Chris!

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Friends at Friend and Co…

A few weeks back I made a flying visit to Bristol, to go to the opening of a new group show at the newly re located Friend and Co Gallery in Bristol. It was an opportunity to catch up with my two old friends Mr Jago, and Will Barras on one night in the same place.

They joined Mudwig, Xenz and Eine in a group show at the gallery which has now moved to a good spot on Park Row in central Bristol.

Way back in the last millennium I went to art college with these guys and it’s fair to say I’ve loved their work since then. One thing that makes it easy for this to continue is the fact it’s constantly developing and growing.

Mr Jago is exploring the abstract (unlike anyone else I can think of?)…

and Will’’s gift for first of all imagining and secondly capturing scenes never seen just keeps on coming…



a few days later I noticed Will posted his starting point for this painting on his site – check it out – prolific is an understatement!!

I really had to add this as it pretty amazing… Will had shown me on his camera but now it’s public… complexcellent – is that a real word? it is now… :)

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Fame Festival

Just back from my first visit to Italy and what a great trip it was.

After a chilled week staying in the the lovely Puglia countryside and visiting some lovely old towns, we headed south to the town of Grottaglie to catch up with our friends and attend the launch of the Fame Festival 2009.

Lucy was back again this year and we’re so glad we took up her suggestion of going out to go to the show.

Beat13 / Lucy McLauchlan – Fame Festival 2009. from Beat13 on Vimeo.

The brainchild of the supercool Angelo from Studio Cromie, Fame brings together artists from Europe and the USA to engage with the town and make work for the exhibition.

Throughout the town, walls are found for large scale outdoor paintings -
these pics give you a sense of the scale and quality.

Erica il Cane



Conor Harrington

In a nearby derelict monastery artists have set about painting rooms and corridors. Awesome.

I loved Lucy’s room looking through the doorway into the head

and this room by my friend and super talented artist Will Barras painted last year

- and they’re just the rooms by Brummies!! If this keeps rolling year on year, this place has the potential to become an alt museum of ’street art’… brilliant, really…

At the opening of the ‘formal’ show this new animation was previewed. A collaboration between Blu and David Ellis, it really is quite amazing and gives you a sense of what the monastery is like.

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop) from blu on Vimeo.

It also featured loads of great work including these paintings by Word to Mother

and these amazing photos by Slinkachu

oh and how can I forget… some crazy ‘life like’ figures from Mark Jenkins

The people we met were brilliant, the food was stunning and it seems that in that part of the world, hospitality is the default setting.

The only things that kept us on our toes were the apocalyptic rainstorms (we were in 2! – first 2 since the summer apparently), some crazy driving (I’m not used to being on that side of the road!) and the siesta time (midday to 5pm – makes sense but we learnt the hard – hungry and thirsty and nowhere is open – way!) – oh and the mozzies who seemed very partial to a bit of tourist… zzz zzzzz

To all the artists, the people of Puglia and of course Angelo and the Studio Cromie team – Thanks and Salut! Maybe we’ll see you next year –  :)

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