Block9 - Glastonbury Festival

Radical set and environment designers, Block9 initially tasked Surely to modify and retouch a vintage make up advert to be recreated as a 96sheet billboard to adorn the side of their original NYC Downlow venue at Glastonbury festival. 

In 2014 we worked together again to create a logo for the new addition of the Autobar in their now world famous field at Glastonbury. Autobar is a reconfigured beautiful old Seddon Diesel 1960's removal van. The Autobar identity was to be used as signage and needed to both incorporate the name and feel authentic. Working closely with Block9, the final version was designed on site at Glastonbury and then expertly painted and aged on the vehicle by Stuart Mallaber. 

In 2016 the NYC Downlow was rebuilt. Surely created a series of bespoke posters and modified reproductions of archive event posters to be flyposted and aged on the set. Working with a range of images selected by Block9, we designed a set of the posters, which needed to feel 'of the time', in this case early 80's. Darleen Valentine, Kyle Stand, Mr Black and Marlon Whales were born.