Working closely with photographer and academic Jonathan Shaw, Surely designed the 220 page NEWFOTOSCAPES book. Jonathan conducted a series of conversations with a number of people involved in a range of ways with contemporary photography. The discussions focussed on the changing landscape in the context of the shifts brought about by digital  

The NEWFOTOSCAPES project works in a range of formats so iy was important that the book embraced interesting and memorable print and binding techniques. The finished book has exposed spine and heavy board cover with bright red endpapers and stitching. The title is blind embossed in black.

The design style from the print book created by Surely was then implemented across the NEWFOTOSCAPES website.

Using a lighter weight version of the cover stock we also produced NEWFOTOSCAPES cards for the book launch and extended use as note cards. The single colour screenprinted cards used an inverted version of the book cover design.

"It was a true privilege to collaborate with Surely in the creation of the NEWFOTOSCAPES book. Mark skilfully achieved and balanced a high level of detail and creativity working within quite a stressful (deadline induced) environment. 

The attention to detail was second to none, and the diligence and calming influence at the height of the storm was crucial. Surely seamlessly negotiated and managed the whole production process, achieving an unbelievable turnaround time for both the digital and print book." 

Jonathan Shaw